Welcome to Southland Home Health!

A family business that is locally owned and operated in Shreveport, LA, Southland Home Health offers competent, committed and compassionate care in the best place to heal - your home.

Beyond standard home care routines, it is the personal relationship that patients and families remember long after their home care nurse is gone. Unfortunately, in a high-tech world, the need for efficient healthcare often results in impersonal service.

Uniquely high-touch, Southland Home Health blends exceptional home care with advanced technology in the context of a nurturing experience for both patients and families. It is through this personalized approach that our team of professionals helps entire families regain their sense of normalcy.

If you or a member of your family is in need of care in the home, we invite you to call us at 318-683-1190 or send us an email at jwcandler@southlandhomehealth.com.

Our Professionals

Excellence in home health care comes from a combination of many things; it is dependent on the attitude and dedication of those who provide it. At Southland Home Health, it is our mission, honor and privilege to provide hope, care and education to our patients. In this way, they can achieve an optimal level of independence and control in their lives with our support. Make Southland Home Health your choice for all your home care needs.